"It cannot be right to manufacture billions of objects that are used for a matter of minutes, and then are with us for centuries."- Roz Savage.

About Us

Founder, business owner

I'm Holly, a twenty-something mother of one child and one dog, animal lover and environmentalist. Affectionately known by many as a "happy hippy", I'm always thinking up new ways to make a difference to the world. I have always been passionate about environmental issues, and am increasingly more conscious of my own consumer influence on the world. I am equally passionate about human rights issues, and whole-heartedly do not buy into fast fashion sewn in sweatshops. Instead, I embrace what I like to call 'slow-consumption'. Buying what you need, and buying it well. That means choosing quality over quantity, choosing to support the people who make our goods, and choosing to protect our planet.

The idea of Grasshopper Fields came about during the Coronavirus pandemic. In such a difficult time for so many; mass panic buying and risky supermarket visits, where possible, I wanted to offer people a better choice- to buy reusable, quality products rather than repeat buying disposable items. The Coronavirus pandemic is a time when community has become more important than ever. We may be socially distanced physically, but are all connected through online communities. 

Wherever possible, I have chosen products from local, small British businesses who do a "happy dance" when each order comes in. This is important to me as it reduces the air miles of a product and supports local communities.

Each product has been carefully selected to ensure it has been produced in a way that is environmentally sustainable, that the workers are paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect, and that it is of high quality.

Every year I pledge to donate 5% of profits to an environmental or human rights charity, of which I will carefully choose.

I aim to deliver a unique customer experience, in terms of providing great customer service- any questions, please get in touch. I package all products in 100% recyclable and plastic free packaging, my shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard, I use paper packaging tape, and I wrap your goods in a softer paper. I aim to send out all orders beautifully presented, so that you really enjoy the whole experience of shopping with Grasshopper Fields.